Water Front Get Face Uplift

All around the world, water fronts are getting popular and getting redesigned to attract more visitors and tourists. For example, Sydney’s opera house and other attraction and Fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco which attracts millions of tourists every year. Likewise, Asia is going to get one such water front in Hong Kong called K11 MUSEA. It is getting modernized with latest architect designs and they aim to make it modern art and design district with retail commercial and residential interests.

k11 artWhile the work is still going on, people can take the work that is getting done from their office website www.k11musea.com.  K11 Art has interactive space for cultural and art shows. It is completely build by the Green concept with the motto is to have minimum impact on Environment and energy savings in the future. Some of the photos and videos of constructions are breathtaking and people can visit the website to have a look at them. Whoever saw k11 art photo and videos will surely praise them for the work getting done at remarkable pace.

Luxury residents getting built in the district will be consisting of 287 residential houses spanning across 14 stories is being constructed. It is constructed keeping in mind artistic nature they are planning for the entire district. It is out and out luxury apartments getting built while keeping in mind about the world travelers who visit lots of countries for artistic works. It is going to be known for the architecture design and the artistic interiors of the home.