We all know how much a piece of jewelry is worth; it is considered by many as a big-ticket item which is equivalent with a car or even a house while some are worth millions of dollars due to its rarity and sometimes the precious metal or stone of which it is made of.

The monetary value of this precious item which is mainly used for fashion and to showcase luxury, status symbol or has a deeper meaning into it so for many reasons, a jewelry is not just a shiny bracelet, earring or necklace, some are worth more than what many can fathom. Buying a jewelry must be very intricate and has to take a lot of effort to determine whether it is fake or not that is why it is important to learn this useful tips to prevent yourself from being a victim to people who make fake jewelry items which might become your regret for a lifetime for being enticed to buy that glimmering piece of jewelry that you thought was real. Try Leed & Son Inc., Coachella Valley, and palm springs jeweler experts that are trusted for years.

  • Tip number one- Look for hallmarks around the jewelry. One of the best things to determine if the jewelry is a fake or not is to look for its hallmarks.

Hallmarks are the engraved markings of the jewelry to determine its worth by putting necessary information about it like its carat, manufacturer, and origin. It is generally the metal content of the jewelry piece.

Most of the hallmarks are marked at the inner circles of the bracelet or rings while the necklaces are located at the clasp area while the earrings are at its post. Gold jewelry which has an 18-karat worth up to 375-karat are usually found in a true gold jewelry. Hallmarks are the most usual things a jeweler finds in the first place to determine if it is a fake or not. Most trusted and reputable jewelers leave their hallmarks at their jewelry pieces with unique engraved designs to showcase their brand and signature. If the jewelry piece has no hallmarks in it do not worry because not all jewelry has hallmarks on it, it is much better to visit a jewelry shop and get it appraised because some jewelers make custom designs for their clients.

  • Determine the jewelry pieces weight- The jewelers’ most important thing to check if the jewelry is fake or not is by weighing it. A true and genuine jewelry is relatively heavy because it is made up of the real stones or precious metals like gold or diamond, unlike fake jewelry which is lighter because it is usually made up of brass or pewter which has a similar color with gold and silver and it is lighter compared to the real ones.