The most beautiful romantic movies shot in New York

From West Side Story to Hitch, discover some great romantic movies taking place in New York. See you at the location of the shootings!New York has served as a setting for some of the most beautiful love stories of cinema. Here are some great classics of cinema, in chronological order, as well as their location of filming. Go two on the trail of movies! Visit this link for watch movies free.

West Side Story-the movie

West Side Story is one of the legends of American cinema. Released on screens in 1961, this musical directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins tells the clash between two West Side gangs. On one side the Jets, which brings together European immigrants and, on the other hand, the Sharks, which brings together Puerto Ricans. You see happen the impossible love story: the former leader of the Jets falls in love with the sister of the leader of the Sharks …

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Filming location: To relive the famous scene of the clash between the two rival gangs, go to the playground on 109th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. Does nothing shock you? The location of the most legendary scene of West Side Story is … in the East Side

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s-the movie

Released the same year as West Side Story, the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Tiffany, French) depicts the divine Audrey Hepburn. The actress embodies the role of Holly Golightly, a carefree young New Yorker who hopes to succeed in a beautiful marriage with a rich man. Will Prince Charming arrive one day? Suspense …

Filming location: The American title gives you the iconic location of the film: the famous Tiffany’s jewelry. The prestigious house is still there, at No. 727 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of 57th Street. Like Audrey Hepburn, you can even go for breakfast! Holly Golightly’s apartment is located at 169 East 71st Street at Lexington Avenue.

When Harry meets Sally

This 1989 film features Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, Harry and Sally. Two colorful characters, who like to contradict and provoke. After college, they both settle in New York but leave each on their own. They will then meet at regular intervals and realize that, ultimately, there may be more than just friendship between them.

Location of filming: Even if you have not seen the whole movie, you’ve certainly seen this mythical scene during which Sally simulates an orgasm in a restaurant. This restaurant is Katz’s Delicatessen, an iconic New York deli at No. 205 East Houston Street. Even today, you will see in the room a small sign that indicates the table used during the scene. I advise you to sit there!