Some Quick Questions to Ask Before Buying A Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells are very important security solutions that are attached to your front door, so you can see, talk, whether you at your home or somewhere away by using your Smartphone, laptop or even tablets.

And yes! They also ring just like the standard doorbell. But, you are likely to pay a little more than the basic one, when buying a fully-featured Smart Doorbell. Well, there are even more reasons to go through some questions, in order to know what exactly you want from your smart doorbell system. However, we think that these amazing 5 questions are somehow as good place to start:

How is the bell installed and powered?

There are some smart doorbells that can be installed very easily, they just fit inside, over the peephole of your main door and generally run through a battery. Whereas, some are very difficult to install because they have to installed professionally and are also connected to the electrical system of your home. Also, there are some that are powered by both batteries as well as the hard-wired source of electricity. Selecting the one is completely your call according to your requirements.

How will you know if someone is at the door?

Well, this not a stupid question. Yes, you will definitely know when there is somebody at your door and rings the doorbell. But, there are some models that include a live motion detector and will immediately send an alert directly to your device if someone is lingering our nearby, specifically this features is helpful when you are not at home.

Does it has an inbuilt camera and does it record video?

Some Smart Doorbell also comes with a screen inside your home that shows you who or what exactly is on the other side of the door. There are some bells that also captures the still photographs of your visitors, whenever the ring the bell. Whereas, there are some bells that acts like a smart security camera that is known to capture a video recording of people wandering around your house.

Is it resistant to theft and weather?

So, you want to make sure that your new doorbell will not just simply be swiped off the door jam. So, for the ones who live in the areas with extreme weather zones, the chance is that you might want to know if the doorbell can both operate and work in extreme weather or anything else that mother nature has to throw at the device.

What is the smart doorbell attuned with?

Well, a fully-featured smart doorbell can be easily paired with a smart lock. So, after you confirm or speak to someone while you are not at home, you can unlock the door for them. Not making them wait around for long.