We know that League of Legends is a multiplayer online game. The game was brought to us by Riot Games. We have two teams which are competing against each other. The two separate teams have five members. Hence, there is a total of ten members participating in one game. We control the champions who try and cross over to the other sides. The champions represent us in the game. Every year more and more champions are getting added to the game. The game started with a handful of champions. Around forty-two at that time. Currently, there are around one hundred and forty champions. The champions are differentiated on the basis of the skills they possess. They are divided into several categories. New attributes are added to them each year. The older ones undergo renovation. They come back stronger and better.


The game is set in a place called fields of justice. The champions are summoned to settle disputes in their realm. The game is set in an alternate universe. These are champions are summoned or called by us. Some of these champions are leaders. Some are in exile looking for redemption. Some are retired and answering their call to serve their Call of duty. From what we know, each and every champion has a back story. These are a bunch of interesting characters.

Victorious Graves at Gamestore


Victorious Grave is one of these characters present in League of Legends. He is popular for his awesome customizable skin. His skin is made up of smashing colors. His movement and combat are enhanced because if his skin. He came with new effects and sound system. Every new year a new skin is added to the character. In league of legends, you receive a chroma for the rank you’re playing. Riot is famous for giving rewards at the end of each season. Riot gives rewards at the end of each season. This chroma is accountable for the number of skins you’re going to win in this game. These skins are limited edition ones. For receiving these skins you need a solid ranking. This ranking is based on the amount of gold you have. Victorious Graves at Gamestore.live is present to give you access to these features.


We need Victorious Grave for his skin. His capabilities are linked with his customizable skin. With further customization, his skin can offer a lot of power. This character has a lot of new abilities. These abilities only get better with time. He can fight with a renowned ability called the golden lion ability. He can form shining sparks from his body. His movements and combat get better with each season. He is undoubtedly an interesting character and customized features. If you don’t have him already in your bag. You can always visit Victorious Grave at Gamestore.live for buying accounts which have him.