Importance of Wearable tracking technology

Wearable smart technology refers to all of the smart electronic devices like fashion electronics, wearables, wearable devices etc. that can be worn easily as accessories over any part of the body. These are based on the recent development in IoT (Internet of Things) that aim in exchange and improvement of data transmission via these connected devices with least possible form of human intervention. Such technology has a wide number of applications in daily activity tracking like calculation of number of steps taken in a day, number of calories burnt, controlling of mobiles from smart watches etc. This article details about some of such wearable technology used in regular activity tracking.

Categories of the technology and their primary uses

The entire of the wearable technology is divided majorly into two categories: –

  • Personal usage that includes the technology used by a particular individual for his daily activity tracking
  • Business usage that includes technology used by an organization to keep track of their company‚Äôs various parameters

The wearable technology is used generally for the following such purposes: –

  • Tracking the parameters like calories burnt or time taken to complete any physical activity like jogging
  • To connect to various other electronic devices like mobiles and laptops to synchronise data transfer
  • As devices for orthopaedic or hearing impairment
  • As navigation devices to locate places
  • As communication devices
  • As fitness trackers to track the regular fitness activity of a person

Smart Watches

Smart Watches are generally wearable micro touchscreen systems that can be worn as wrist watches. These watches can be used for a number of purposes like Bluetooth connectivity, connection to mobiles, GPS trackers, heart rate monitoring, compass etc. Brands like Fossil, HRX, ASUS, Alcatel are the leading manufacturers of smart watches that find a number of applications in activity tracking.

Smart glasses

Smart glasses are the wearable technical glasses that not only aid in clear viewing but also add information to everything that a user sees in the outside world. Modern day smart glasses are well-equipped with augmented reality and embedded wireless technology that aid in easy data transfer. Google, Graviate, Samsung, Coleson are some of the leading manufacturers of smart glasses whose prices range from US $30 to as high as $900.

Smart Trackers

Smart Trackers are the hi-tech devices that monitor and evaluate fitness-related and navigation-related activities like distance run, calories burnt or quality of sleep. With passage of time these devices are getting slowly upgraded with modern versions of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networking. Samsung and Lasotag are some of the leading manufacturers for the same.