Every relationship experiences its ups and downs irrespective of the sexual orientation of the partner. For heterosexuals, it may seem easier since meeting someone else is always considered easier than those who been in a gay relationship. Gay dating is not very easy especially if you are in a region where people fear coming out to express their feelings especially closeted gays. This is especially more difficult if you and your partner were allies and he would protect you from attacks from people who do not understand gay relationships. You not only lose a partner but a protector as well. This kind of break up can be very difficult.

Physical activities

If you love exercising or hiking, this would be a great time to take that camping trip you have always put off. It will be a great time for you to reflect on what went wrong and how to move on. Exercising usually brings clarity of thought and you will be able to see things in a different light. If the relationship can be salvaged, then you need to think of how to do it. If not, then it will be a great time for you to start considering gay dating again. Of course, not immediately since you do not want to break another person’s heart because of a rebound.


You will never understand the power of music until you are going through a tough break up. Music makes the heartache bearable and you will be able to start having positive thoughts especially if the words to the song speak to you. This can be a great guide should you ever think of going into the gay dating scene again.

Spend time with friends

This is a great time to rebuild your connection with friends, especially if you did not have time for them when you were in a relationship. It is important that many would resent you seeking solace from them yet you ignored them when you were happy. However, if they are your true friends, you will begin laughing in no time when in their company. At the end of the evening spent with friends, you will realize that gay dating is not a far thought in your mind.

Rediscover your hobbies

If you love swimming or travelling and barely took the time to do these things when dating, then this is the time to rekindle your love for doing these things. Maybe it will be a great time to rediscover the person you were before you started the relationship that just ended.